Protecta FR Acrylic passes cPVC durability tests

The most commonly used pipe for sprinkler systems installed in the UK is manufactured from chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, widely known as cPCV.  Although derived from PVC, cPVC has improved heat resistance and increased flexibility. This makes it an ideal product for sprinkler pipe manufacture.

Fire Stop Seal Tests - EX Mortar - Upgraded Approvals

Our most recent testing upgrade raises the number of 3rd party accredited tested solutions for the use of our Protecta EX Mortar to nearly 100. The mortar can provide structural seals in floors and is also suitable for vertical applications. Read more...

FR Board - Upgraded Technical Approvals

In order to keep our products up to date with the constantly changing and competitive PFP market we dedicate a significant time and resource in product testing. After numerous tests we are happy to announce that we have upgraded the certification for the Protecta FR Board. As part of our ongoing testing programme, we are pleased to release the latest upgraded version of our ... read more.

Firestop Product Technical Upgrade - Protecta FR Graphite Sealant

Protecta has launched a new technical upgrade on the FR Graphite Sealant providing more fire stopping protection to more applications. After conducting further fire tests, we have upgraded the approvals for FR Graphite. Please find attached upgraded documents.

New London Based Protecta Distribution Hub

Polyseam are delighted to announce the launch of our new satellite distribution hub designed to improve our service offer for London and the surrounding area. The hub located in Epping just off the M25 and M11 intersection will enable us to offer our Protecta customers delivery and collection options that are ...

Protecta Fire Protection Seminar

Protecta will be hosting its first Passive Fire Protection Seminar at the Intercontinental O2 Hotel London, on Monday 18th June 2018. This seminar has been put together in line with FIREX International Exhibition where we will be sharing details about Protecta fire stopping systems and solutions that will help you save time and money. You will also be the first to see the two new and innovative products that we will be introducing in 2018. Join us for a few days of knowledge sharing, entertainment and networking with fire safety professionals from across the globe.

Polyseam Launch New Factory

Sealant and Adhesive manufacturer Polyseam was officially opened on Friday 16th June 2017 by The Honourable Mayor of Kirklees Cllr Christine Iredale, accompanied by her consort Richard Iredale. Madam Mayor unveiled the corporate plaque then ushered the 200 guests who came from all over the globe into the new state of the art facility.

Business Development Plans

Polyseam, a leading UK manufacturer of own label sealants and adhesives, announced today the appointment of two new sales executives. Peter Harper and Steve Price, bring with them over 40 years knowledge and experience of the sealants market and are tasked with opening up new opportunities and markets for Polyseam's extensive product range.

Protecta Building Products

Protecta produces products for the building industry, predominatly within passive fire protection but also other products which have one or more protective properties for fire resistance, sound resistance, water resistance or a combination of these. In addition, a number of services are given surrounding the products, for example, engineering services, training of installers, assistance with building codes and more. The Protecta group consists of several companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and UK that are all owned by Protecta Group AS.

IPT New Technology

Years of Research and Development have finally paid off, Polyseam introduces a new environmentally friendly sealant and adhesive (IPT) Inert Polymer Technology. This new product is a non-reactive, green chemistry compatible with almost any building material. Out-performing conventional silicone, MSP, butyl and acrylic-based products as a high quality sealant, its innovative technology has the unique property of dynamic flexibility and modulus when cured.

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