Striving to adopt the highest environmental standards

We recognise that the nature of our activities and services have the potential to impact the environment. However, the products we manufacture are essential in creating and maintaining safe constructions around the world. We are fully committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations in every way we can, from using recycled materials to developing products with low emissions.

Our environmental policy

We are committed to making products that are healthier for people and kinder to the environment. We also believe in assisting our customers to use our products in an environmentally responsible manner.

We strive to reduce environmental impact in all of our day to day operations. This includes minimising the use of materials, energy and transport and using renewable and recyclable materials where possible.

We believe in continually measuring and reviewing our impact on the environment and set targets for ongoing improvement.

We are certified to ISO 14001 Environment Management (EMS) Standard. This framework guides us in reducing and managing our impact on the environment.

We also expect all third parties and stakeholders that we work with to employ similar environmental standards.

What we’re doing to continually improve the sustainability of our business operations


Our production uses electricity from 100% renewable sources. Solar panels in our factory have been operational since October 2017.


Any effluent is compliant with water authority consents and we actively implement processes to reduce effluent discharges.

Less plastic waste

Plastic cartridges are being replaced where and when possible with foil sausages, supplied in cardboard boxes on reusable wooden pallets in order to reduce plastic waste.

Cleaner, greener products

The products we manufacture are water based and free of, or contain minimal VOC’s.

The bigger picture

Our products consider the health and well-being of our employees during the production process, end users and the environment.


We encourage our employees to walk, cycle or car share to work to reduce environmental impact. All company-hired vehicles are hybrids.

Our living, green wall

We invested in a large scale, living green wall for a Huddersfield factory. Living walls are known for their many benefits on indoor spaces including their ability to purify air, reducing ambient temperatures and noise and promoting a healthy indoor climate. Staff also recognise the benefits of increased productivity and employee well-being!