Private label

Expand your brand with us

Does your business sell sealants, fillers, adhesives, surface finishing or passive fire protection products? Or is your business looking to break into these markets? Polyseam are able to offer your business market-leading building materials that will really differentiate your brand.

With over 25 year experience as a construction materials manufacturer, Polyseam have collected and developed only the best formulas. Our selection of construction and fire protection products are effective and efficient, coupled with our reliable and friendly service has allowed us to expand our reach to more than 50 countries worldwide. We continue to work smart to remain at the very forefront of manufacturing, science and technology.

Products we manufacture

We manufacture and supply a wide range of private label building materials, including passive fire protection, sealants and adhesives and coating products. The products we offer are formulated to meet the construction industry’s applications and standards.

Our range extends from high-end specification construction industry sealants and adhesives, to easy to use DIY caulks and fillers. Our standard products are a starting point for creating your businesses own brand product. We are able to supply products in a variety of formats to suit your businesses needs.

What we can offer your business

Over 25 years experience

We have been collecting and refining only the best formulas since our incorporation in 1993. Our heavy investment into Research & Development means we remain at the forefront of the industry.

Bespoke packaging options

We offer an extensive range of packaging options for all your products, ranging from tubs, cartridges, foils, pails and transit boxes. If you require bespoke packaging, or would like to find out more about our flexible packaging options, please get in touch.

Branding support

Our Marketing team are on hand to guide customers through the branding process. We provide customers with adaptable artwork templates and are able to offer feedback throughout the packaging design process.