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Service Transits play a crucial role in upholding the fire resistance of breached walls and floors, allowing for the passage of continuous cables and plastic pipes while maintaining safety standards. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice, especially when the potential need arises for future service replacements or installations. Furthermore, Service Transits prove to be invaluable in confined spaces where installing a conventional fire seal might pose challenges.

Service Transit Types

Currently, our selection comprises three distinct options for Service Transits:

FR Service Transit: This is our standard round casing, meticulously designed to accommodate both floors and walls.

FF Service Transit: An evolution of the FR model, the FF variant is tailored for floor applications. It ensures a seamless integration with the soffit side, enabling its placement atop shutters and even embedding it within concrete structures.

FD Service Transit: Geared towards functionality, the FD model boasts a rectangular duct format with a lid. It has garnered approval for square plastic ducts and features a robust steel casing.

New Approvals

We’re proud to announce a series of approvals that underline the versatility and reliability of our Service Transits:

Rigid Walls Approval: Now certified for usage in rigid walls with densities as low as 350 kg/m3.
Expanded Pipe Approval: Accommodating plastic pipes of up to Ø 90mm in floors, ensuring comprehensive compatibility.
Enhanced Fire Classifications: The fire classifications for empty service transits in rigid walls have been elevated to provide heightened safety assurance.

At the heart of our operations lies an unwavering commitment to product innovation. The recent upgrade to our Service Transit lineup is just a glimpse of the strides we’re making. Stay tuned as we unveil more enhancements, a testament to our dedication to progress and excellence.

If you have any questions or need help with a project, please contact our technical team for free advice.

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