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There are now 102 separate, fully certified FR Board upgraded technical approvals that are detailed in the installation instructions and this is supplemented with an approval for pattress fixing FR Boards to gypsum wall.

The revised document extends the product’s scope of use for:  

  • Linear gap seals up to 800mm wide in concrete floors
  • Large PEX pipe-in-pipes and arrangement of PEX pipes in bundles.
  • Metal pipes insulated with PE foam insulation.
  • PVC pipes up to Ø 400mm to EI 90 in drywalls and EI 120 in rigid walls.
  • Composite pipes (including Blue Power,Wavin SiTech, Aquatherm Green,Geberit Silent, Polo-Kal NG and Rehau Raupiano systems)
  • Conduits (plastic pipes with cables) up to Ø 110mm.
  • New sound insulation tests included to latest standard.
  • Updated pipe-end configurations based on EN1366-3, to clarify and help you decide if the use of your pipe (e.g. Soil Vent pipes) is covered by our approvals.

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