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Polyseam fire prevention manufacturer
Polyseam fire prevention manufacturer

Our Promise

Private label products we offer

Sealants, adhesives & fillers

Fire rated sealants • Indoor & outdoor sealants • Acrylic sealants • Multi-purpose sealants • High temperature adhesives • Foams • Wood filler

Paints & coatings

Fire retardant interior paint • Fire rated steel paint • Matt finish interior paint • Water resistant coatings • Fire protection coatings for cables

Passive fire protection

Stonewool boards • Service transits • Fire collars • Dampers for ducts and vents • Pipe wrap • Putty pads for electrical sockets and tap water boxes • Fire rated mortars

Expand your brand with our market-leading products

private label sealants

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We’re comprehensively accredited

We understand customers require the highest accreditation when considering a private label manufacturer – that’s why we are fully compliant in all of our disciplines to ensure the highest standards of product quality, health and safety and the environment.

Polyseam fire prevention manufacturer