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  • Approvals for plastic pipes in U/U configuration.
  • Approvals for large plastic pipes up to Ø 315mm.
  • Approvals for metal pipes insulated with phenolic foam insulation.
  • Approvals for larger PEX pipe-in-pipes.
  • Approvals for Wavin SiTech composite pipes.
  • Approvals for Aquatherm Green composite pipes.
  • Approvals for Geberit Silent composite pipes.
  • Approvals for Polo-Kal NG composite pipes.
  • Approvals for Rehau Raupiano composite pipes.
  • New sound insulation tests included to latest standard.
  • Updated pipe-end configurations (what to use where) based on EN1366-3.  

Our most recent fire stop seal tests upgrades raise the number of 3rd party accredited tested solutions for the use of our Protecta EX Mortar to nearly 100. The mortar can provide structural seals in floors and is also suitable for vertical applications.

This new testing adds the following applications to our extensive range. With over 40 fire stop seal tests carried out in 2018, we are constantly adding new applications to ensure the widest possible testing library.  Post Grenfell, the use of assessments and EJ’s will be further restricted and so it is important to use suppliers who will continue to invest in the vital area of testing.  Please register on our website to ensure your company is kept up to date with any upgrade that we issue.

Interested in learning more about Polyseam? Head to our about section on our website, or find out more about our current fire protection products such as Protecta and 

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