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FR Acrylic
Protecta FR Acrylic is the top selling fire rated mastic in our selection of products. The reason is that it has been developed and tested so that it can be used in nearly all firestopping situations with very few exceptions. This avoids the need to carry many different firestopping mastics with you on the construction site. In addition, this FR sealant is used in combination with Protecta FR Board. This, combined with the best fire rating in the market makes the product unique.

Protecta FR Acrylic is tested with many different types of penetrations through many different constructions and is a CE-marked sealant for fire rated joints and penetrations, class EI 240.
Protecta FR Acrylic is a fire rate product designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through joints and openings in fire rated walls and floors including openings formed around building service penetrations. This firestopping mastic will also maintain the acoustic design performance in walls and floors and has a working life of up to 30 years.

Protecta FR Acrylic complies with the requirements of GEV and the results correspond to the EMICODE emission class EC 1PLUS which is the best possible environmental and indoor hygiene health protection mark.

Key Features

  • High end formula, certified worldwide
  • Classified for fire sealing all types of construcion and building service penetrations
  • Very high sound insulation
  • Low emissions - environmentally and user friendly
  • Simple to apply with a smooth surface finish
  • Permanently flexible – will accommodate movement up to 12.5%
  • No priming necessary for application to most materials
  • Suitable for most surfaces, included concrete, masonry, steel, gypsum, glass, plastics and most non-porous surfaces
  • Hardens quickly, tack free after 1 hour (the fire performance specification of the joint filler has been derived when the joint filler has been let to cure for a month)
  • 18 months storage time (under correct conditions)
  • 30 years working life
Additional Information

Additional Information

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