The Polyseam group consists of several companies in Norway, Sweden, Poland and UK that are all owned by Protecta Group AS. The group employs 59 people and of these 45 are in the UK. The main office is located in Norway where product developement, testing and distribution are located, while the production and international customer support services are based in UK. In addition we have daughter companies in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Istanbul and Wroclaw that deal with technical support and distribution of products to our clients locally. The group employs building engineers, fire engineers and chemists that all work in cooperation for joint goals even if they are located in different countries.

What is passive fire protection?

Our main field is passive fire protection in addition to water and sound resistance. But everybody might not know what passive fire protection means. Fire is horrendous. That is something most people agree upon, and especially those who have been unlucky to experience it. But how can we avoid fire? The truth is that it is impossible! We can not prevent fires from starting; what we can do is to stop the fire spreading until it is put out or it stops on its own due to lack of oxygen or fuel.

This will be accomplished with passive fire protection (PFP). Buildings are normally separated into ’sterile’ areas that will contain fire in a particular area. These sterile areas are known as fire compartments. Occupants of buildings in areas remote from the fire source are protected from fire and smoke by these compartments. It is also vital that all escape routes are constructed as fire compartments to maintain them free of smoke and heat. For PFP to be effective it requires installation by trained people. Correctly tested products, trained installers and fire safety training, will ensure fire safety in buildings!

Development and testing

The fire laboratorium including a test furnace used for both vertical and horizontal tests are located in Norway. In principle we can design a product and test it for it's fire properties in one day. When we are certain of the properties after many rounds of developement, the product is taken to an accredited certified lab for final tests. The certified lab then conducts a number of tests in addition to fire resistance and these will eventually be the basis for a product documentation that usually consists of local type approvals plus international certificates as the European Technical Approval, CE and Certifire for the Middle-East and other parts of Asia.

The chemical laboratorium is located in the UK plant where we have employed chemists and a number of different equipment necessary for both developement of new chemical products but also constant checks of thats being produced so we have full control of the quality delivered to the markets. All the chemical mixes that are produced are tested to right composition and in addition samples of the different production or batch are being kept for future enquires if there should be any questions.

Internal production

Our manufacturing and packing operation is completely flexible and caters for long and short runs alike. This allows minimal order product runs and ensures a cost effective solution for large organisations testing new or potential markets and products, or smaller companies requiring modest quantities. We are able to offer standard product options as well as provide bespoke solutions for your specific requirement or unique product.

Our innovative engineering department also designs and builds custom machinery to meet the demands and specification of the production team.

All staff at our manufacturing plant are involved in the quality control process. The ISO 9001:2000 standard represents an international benchmark against which the quality status of a company's management disciplines and systems are assessed. Our award of ISO 9001:2000 standard underlines our commitment to optimum quality standards. As your manufacturer, we recognise that the quality of the product and the service we provide is reflected in your brand experience - therefore, we ensure we meet agreed supply criteria at all times.

Engineering services

The profession that surrounds the products is often quite complicated and therefore we offer engineering services free of charge for clients that we supply with products, or their customers. This may include help from whole building fire engineering to detail sollutions on different building elements.

Our engineers statements is often used as part of the documentation on the single building project, which means that it is sent to the responsible building engineer who can use our calculations as part of hes own engineering and control work.


Polyseam knows how important it is to get the products supplied at the correct time, especially on construction sites where you are depended on a linear stream production without stops caused by missing products. Because of this, in some markets, Polyseam has it's own lorries to make sure the products are delivered to the customers at the right time.

Some areas with intence supplement has daily deliveries direct to the construction sites, in other words a guaranteed day after service. We even in some cases place the products into customers warehouse without them being present to achieve a routine for the customer that liberates work time so it can be used on other more important tasks.

In addition, internal freight is usually lower cost than the traditional transport companies and the lorries have heat adaptors in the loading space and a back lift for such cases when the customer do not have access to a foreclift.