We have over 2 decades of experience and expertise manufacturing more that 150 different products, with the capacity to pack and fill in excess of 8.5 million cartridges per year. We have streamlined the processes in our UK-based factory, making them completely flexible to cater for long and short runs alike. This allows minimal order product runs and ensures a cost-effective solution for large organisations testing new or potential markets and products, or smaller companies requiring modest quantities.

The laboratory and technical department along with the production and sales departments consistently develop new products and concepts for the market as well as providing innovative solutions to problems raised by clients. Polyseam is able to offer standard product options as well as provide bespoke solutions for your specific requirement or unique product. Our innovative engineering department also designs and builds custom machinery to meet the demands and specification of the production team.

Quality Control

All staff at our state of the art factory are involved in the quality control process. The ISO 9001 standard represents an international benchmark against which the quality status of a company's management disciplines and systems are assessed. Our award of ISO 9001 standard underlines our commitment to optimum quality standards.

As your manufacturer, we recognise that the quality of the product and the service we provide is reflected in your brand experience - therefore, we ensure we meet agreed supply criteria at all times.

Packaging and Branding

Whilst the majority of production is rigid plastic cartridge based, we also provide a wide range of packaging options, allowing flexibility for new product development. We can deliver the product in plastic flexi tubes, tubs and pails. Additionally, we can supply the product in bulk for the client to fill and package independently - allowing you to supplement your own production if required. We can also contract fill your own product - sealants, adhesives, fillers, pastes, liquids - and supply in our or your own packaging options.

Polyseam offers a complete design and print facility for all packaging types. We can assist in the design of packaging to complement other items in an existing range or produce a new brand identity for new ventures. The finished packaged product can be supplied in a variety of cartons and boxes in quantities to meet clients' distribution requirements. We can supply anything from branded printed boxes and counter display cartons to a range of unmarked options.

Stock and Logistics

Polyseam is based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, centrally located in the UK and has easy access to the motorway network allowing easy routes to all corners of the country. We can also work with and deliver in line with your own stock management systems. We can manufacture and deliver complete orders, or manufacture and hold stock in our warehouses for future distribution. We can supply stock to central distribution points or can deliver direct to retail stores and outlets. Additionally, stock can be collected from the factory with your own fleet if you prefer.


Polyseam manufacture and supply a wide range of sealants, adhesives and surface finishing products, formulated to meet construction applications and standards. Products are also manufactured to meet sales and marketing requirements for price and presentation.

Our range extends from high-end specification construction and industry sealants and finishes, to easy to use DIY caulks and fillers. The standard products listed on these pages are a starting point for creating your own-brand product. Click on the product links to see further details on each item, alongside the listed packing options for each product.

Our products can be offered in a variety of formats suitable for all applications and industries. Please contact our Sales team so that they can design and build the perfect product for you, your business and your customers.


Fire Protection