Firestop Product Technical Upgrade - Protecta FR Graphite Sealant


Firestop Product Technical Upgrade - Protecta FR Graphite Sealant, providing fire protection to more applications.

Further to conducting additional fire tests, Protecta is pleased to officially announce that the scope for use of our CE marked FR Graphite sealant has been significantly extended. The European Technical Assessment (ETA) has been upgraded to reflect on approvals for:

Plastic conduits (pipes with cables) ≤ Ø 110mm made of PVC, PE and PP

- Improved fire resistance with PP pipes

- 160mm  Ø PVC pipes

- Steel pipes with 50mm thick elastomeric foam in floors

New technical data sheet and installation instructions are available to highlight all new approvals. Please find all new documents ready for you to download at the FR Graphite Sealant page on our website. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our technical team.

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