About Graft

The GRAFT brand of premium sealants, adhesives and fillers grew from the introduction of one unique product that Polyseam launched in 2013, that product was IPT CHEMISTRY (Inert Polymer Technology). IPT is a non-reactive, environmentally friendly chemistry compatible with almost any building material. This new chemistry is a sealant and an adhesive, can outperform conventional silicone, MSP, butyl and acrylic-based products. It is an environmentally friendly product that has no solvents or VOC’s and has the unique property of dynamic flexibility and modulus when cured.

GRAFT IPT was a great success winning the DIY Week award for Best Decorative Product of the year in 2014 and 2015. Even though IPT was able to complete multiple jobs, the market wanted more. The sealants industry was flooded with a sea of “same” products, that vary in quality and price, but had one thing in common, they all looked the same. We had to innovate in order to drive growth from GRAFT and a different way forward was needed in order for GRAFT as a brand to succeed.

We hired a creative agency (The Engineroom) to help up develop a brand that would stand out on the shelves among the sea of same products. GRAFT had to be easy to understand at a glance and had to fit with the no-nonsense culture of the trade professionals, whilst appealing to the need for simplicity to the DIYer.

The GRAFT range boasts a simple set of icons which highlights its main applications and each product is colour coded making it simple and easy to choose the right product for the job.

  • Yellow – Interior Applications
  • Orange – Exterior Applications 
  • Green – Adhesives and Fillers Red – Fire Rated Products 
  • Blue – Specialist Products

The aim is to remove confusion, strip back the layers of obscurity and provide end user an easily identifiable solution to any problem.