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K10 Classification FR Paint

Protecta Interior FR1 cool paint has been formally assigned a K10 classification with timber substrates. Put simply, applying the paint to a single layer wooden particle board or chipboard (12.5mm thick), will protect any substrate behind the board from smouldering and igniting for a period of 10 minutes, by forming a dense insulating intumescent char.

A typical example of using this benefit would be where a client has a need to reduce heat transfer through roller shutter doors.

Improved Fire Retardancy

Previous testing has already shown Protecta Interior FR1 cool paint can improve fire retardancy for the most flammable timber based substrates, for example, 12.5mm thick particle board from D-S2-D0 to B-S1-D0 classification.

Not only is the paint practical and easy to use, problem areas such as timber substrates, walls, doors and skirting boards, previously painted with both solvent and water based paints can simply be upgraded with a single coat of the paint.

More Fire Tests

Uniquely, tests have shown that the fire resistance of wooden particle walls can be upgraded from a combustible non-fire rated element, to a 30-minute fire-classified wall that can be used as part of a fire compartment system (contact us for specific details).

Vacuum filled fire retardant timber sheet materials used to construct temporary works’ hoardings currently present a different problem. From the moment they are cut on site they lose the fire retardant characteristics by exposing raw timber edges. Protecta Interior FR1 paint provides a practical way of reinstating the low spread of flame characteristics.

Where to use

Coupled with its life saving features, Protecta Interior Paint FR-1 is a durable, water based, one coat, decorative paint suitable for use in public, commercial, industrial and residential buildings. It is a hard-wearing, high specification interior acrylic paint, easily applied with either a brush, roller or spray.  And being water based, it is quick to clean up (no need for clean-up chemicals).


Available in a wide range of colours, it is perfect for a contemporary look and hides surface imperfections.

Visit INTERIOR PAINT FR-1 on our website. If you have any questions about this product or need some help with a project, please contact our technical department for free advice.

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