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Our Protecta® Technical Handbook is specifically designed to offer solutions that truly help make our customers lives easier. Offering practical solutions and not just a complex set of products.


We are proud to announce our technical handbook is now even more comprehensive and has been upgraded to include:

  • – Latest product upgrades – multiple products
  • – A description on how to do single sided access seals in walls (new)
  • – A description on how to do fire seals with the pattress solution (new)
  • – A section with FAQ’s (now included)
  • – In appendix V, apertures with mixed services (all service details added)
  • – In appendix V, the fire class E 120 has been added, specifically for the Middle East market.

For quality, performance, guidance and reassurance – click here to log in to the Protecta member zone to download a copy of our upgraded Technical Handbook.


Choosing Protecta® products, combined with our technical handbook to Fire Stopping of Service Penetrations, gives you access to the people that know how to solve your fire stopping challenges.  And to products which specialise in fire stopping technology.


Finding the right solution does not have to be time-consuming, expensive or complex. Our in-house team of experts have the knowledge and experience to develop simple solutions, designed and tested in apertures and service (as installed in real situations), and solved through a clever mix of chemistry and technology.


For over 26 years, our Parent Company Polyseam has developed and manufactured the Protecta® range of products to simplify the installation of fire stopping of service penetrations. Our team lead the way on research, development and innovation in this crucial area.

If you have any questions or need help with a project, please contact our technical department for free advice.

Interested in learning more about Polyseam? Head to our about section on our website, or find out more about our current fire protection products such as Protecta and